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Hi everyone,
Brian is 14 and his numbers change inexplicably from day to day also.   Some 
days are perfect while others have several highs or lows.  We test  often so 
he can give correction boluses quickly on the high days.  He uses  a minimed 
712.  We are exploring upgrading to the real time continuous  sensor.
His ratio is 1u per 7 carbs for all meals.
His basal is .8 from 7 am to midnight, and .9 from 1am to 6am.
His correction sensitivity is set to 1 u per 60.
My bigger problem at the moment is that we are constantly fighting about  
 what emergency supplies he should have with him at all times. In his mind, I am
packing him a "suitcase" every time he goes out.  He just wants  to have four 
glucose tablets in his pocket, because, "nothing is going to  happen, mom!".  
What do your boys carry, and in what kind of "boy  purse"?    

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