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Hi everyone,

I really need help.

My son is 13 and is definitely in puberty.  But I am trying to understand the
inconsistency of his numbers as of late.  Some days his numbers are great,
others no pattern at all.  The other night I checked him at 2 am and his bg
was 99.  That morning he awoke at 86.  Great!!  Last night, BG at 146 awoke at
220.  No difference at all in anything we are doing from one day to the next.
Site is fine, pump is working.  I have noticed this over and over again.  Just
about the time I am wanting to adjust his middle of the night basals, he has a
"normal" reading.  Which makes me fearful that he'll go low if I adjust.  I
know these are some of the woes of diabetes, but I feel I am constantly second
guessing myself here.
Also, would like to know what some of the rest of the early teens are doing as
far as insulin to carb ratios and bolus patterns.  Kendall's insulin to carb
ratios are:

b'fast  - 1u for 7 gr.
lunch - 1 u for 9 gr.
dinner - 1 u for 10 gr.

Some days these numbers work great, other days not.

basal pattern - 12 am 1.3; 6 am .9; 12 pm .8; 3pm .65; 9 pm 1.0

Debbie Crawford
Elberton, GA
Mom to Kristin, 19; Kelsey, 16 and Kendall, 13 (dx'd 11/99; pumping Cozmo
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