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Re: [IPp] Precision Xtra Meter

 We use the Precision Xtra for blood ketone testing. It does take a large amount
of blood, and special strips for ketone testing ... but it has been worth it. We
keep one box around (8 strips) at a time and refill the prescription when we use
the last one of the 8. Our son is 15 and he finds the "pee in a cup" style to be
embarrassing, especially at school.

 The Precision meter is our backup blood glucose tester, so we also keep one box
of test strips on hand. The CozMonitor and Freestyle sometimes return readings
that don't seem to make sense (too high or too low) and we like having another
brand around to double check.


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>From: Louis Diaz <email @ redacted>
>Sent: Jul 3, 2006 11:16 AM
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPp] Precision Xtra Meter
>We were given a Precision meter at the endo's office to test for
>keytones.  I must warn you, it uses A LOT of blood, especially when
>compared to our regular BG meter, (Freestyle Flash).
>From your post I wasn't sure if you thought that the meter displayed
>both BG and keytones at once, in case that's what you meant, wanted to
>clarify that different strips are needed.  (So, you find out the BG or
>keytone amount.)
>It's a good thing to have, but, honestly we may have used it only once
>in over a year and a half.  The strips are individually sealed which
>increases their cost and you have to keep up with their expiration.
>On 7/3/06, Cathy Adams <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Precision Xtra meter? We
>> read in one of our pump training books that this meter will measure blood
>> glucose and ketones in the blood as well. We're thinking it would be really
>> helpful to know ketones right away if Cole's blood sugar was high especially
>> on the pump. Since he's only 3 it's a bit hard to get him to pee on demand
>> so we can test ketones with a urine test, especially in the middle of the
>> night when we're not sure if we need to change out his site or not. Any
>> thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Cathy
>> Mom to Riley (5), Cole (3 dx'd 9/05 pumping Animas 6/06) and Owen (19 mos)
>> .
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