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Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Smart software

Thanks Allison.
Appreciate your help.

Allison Leake wrote:

> "...Could you tell me how we would go about doing so, or what it 
> costs?..."
> Hi Cathy,
> Go to the Lifescan website www.lifescan.com.  Free software download 
> (One Touch Software 2.0), however you can't use it unless you have the 
> interface cable, which is sold separately.  A while back, I called 
> Lifescan and told them how many strips we use per month (several 
> hundred) and I got a nice customer service rep who mailed me mine free 
> of charge when I asked if there was any way they could do that.  Also, 
> their tech support people will walk you through ANYTHING regarding 
> using the software.  They are great!
> I hope that helps.  I am going to mess around with the software today 
> (I downloaded mine this morning) so I may figure out the answer to my 
> question soon.
> -- Allison
> mom to Jeremy, 9, pumping 6/02
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