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Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Smart software

"...Could you tell me how we would go about doing so, or what it costs?..."

Hi Cathy,
Go to the Lifescan website www.lifescan.com.  Free software download (One 
Touch Software 2.0), however you can't use it unless you have the interface 
cable, which is sold separately.  A while back, I called Lifescan and told 
them how many strips we use per month (several hundred) and I got a nice 
customer service rep who mailed me mine free of charge when I asked if there 
was any way they could do that.  Also, their tech support people will walk 
you through ANYTHING regarding using the software.  They are great!

I hope that helps.  I am going to mess around with the software today (I 
downloaded mine this morning) so I may figure out the answer to my question 

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 9, pumping 6/02

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