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[IPp] You Know You're The Parent Of A "D" Kid When...

 ... you are eating at Taco Bell/KFC and the fryer's beep and your kid checks
his pump to make sure it's not beeping.... the first 3 times.
 ... you are being the brave one getting a site done with a sil-serter before
your kid gets one, when the CDE hits a capillary (sp?) in your leg so you have
to take the site out. So, you run to your D bag trying not to spill the blood,
whip out your One Touch and test the blood running down your leg. The CDE looks
at your like you are crazy while you camly explain that you do not let any fresh
blood go untested.... even bloody noses.
By the way, my lovely leg blood was a beautiful 105... 

Rachel - email @ redacted


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