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[IPp] DHEA May Ward Off Heart Problems, Diabetes

 Of course this doesn't specify type 1 or type 2, but I was wondering if our
male type ones would benefit from this... but probably not. It's probably for
type 2...

DHEA May Ward Off Heart Problems, Diabetes
Fri Jul 25, 2:47 PM ET
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 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - DHEA, a popular supplement with men, can reduce
artery stiffness and improve the body's sensitivity to insulin -- which may
lower the risk of heart disease -- new study findings indicate.

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 Levels of DHEA, a.k.a. dehydroepiandrosterone, decrease with age, and this is
linked to an increased risk of coronary artery disease

 Japanese researchers studied the effect of replenishing the hormone in of 24
older men with high cholesterol levels. Half the men were given 25 milligrams of
DHEA daily for 12 weeks, while the other half were given an inactive placebo.

 DHEA treatment, but not the placebo, produced a significant improvement in
endothelial function, a measure of artery flexibility. This benefit was apparent
after just 4 weeks of treatment, note Dr. Hiroaki Kawano and a team from
Kumamoto University School of Medicine in Japan.

 Treatment with DHEA also produced a significant drop in blood sugar levels
without altering insulin levels. In other words, it improved insulin
sensitivity, the researchers report in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and

 "DHEA has been demonstrated to have an anti-atherosclerotic effect in animal
models and there are some reports that DHEA may have a protective effect against
age-related illnesses in humans," the investigators note. Their findings shed
light on how DHEA supplements may produce these benefits.

SOURCE: The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, July 2003.

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