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[IPp] Welcome Kayla!

<<My name is Kayla, and my 13 year old son is diabetic. We are working
on getting a pump, so I was looking for info and support from anyone
who has a pump. We live in Texas and he goes to Little Rock to the
Endo. He has had Diabetes for 18 months>>

Nice to meet you!!  My daughter is 12 and has diabetes since she was 4.  We 
just got the pump so I'm not much help just yet.   We did go with the Cozmo. 
 Stephanie's Dr. said it was better for younger children, it is light weight and
very easy to use, mine had it all figured out at the end of the video!  But it 
also depends on what your insurance will cover.  I'm hoping this will get her 
A1C down to where her Dr. would like it to be, right now, her BS has been 
 low, I think its because of the heat and increased activity level, kids are
that way.
   Best of luck to you and your search for the perfect pump.
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