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[IPp] Re: [IP]Disetronic notice - seeking summary

Pumpers and Friends,

    If you like to read a copy of letter goto: you will need Adobe Reader to
view file


I hope this helps with what you are asking. I did try to call and ask about
it but had a problem (I hate waiting on hold)on the phone. But will try
again later. I know that staff from Disetronic are members of IP; I hope
someone could please call or send me a note about this . If I can setup a
time to do a IP Chat to talk about this with someone from Disetronic, I will
send out a Special chat post. As I have both a set of  a H-tron v100 and a
H-TronPlus v100, that all work (only have one that timed out on me, had
great ins. program at work :-)  )so I would like to know if I should still
use them. Being on Medicare now is a problem now. When I find out more info
I will share it with the group.

                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

>here is where i admit to getting too much mail.
>I saw and read a few posts on the Disetronic recall,
>however i originally thought it was D-Tron only.  Well
>apparently it's H-Tron too.  (and here i just skimmed).
>I just searched my inbox and there are over 200 emails
>with 'recall' or "d-tron" in the message.
>I've been on H-tron Plus for going on 7 years now with
>no incidents i couldn't explain.  I don't swim or bathe
>in it without a plastic bag at least, though i used to.
 >This is my last pair before i have to get a whole new
>pump.  I'm inclined to just sit on it and worry if
>something happens only.
>The text of the letter isn't exactly heartening, but
>neither is it inflamatory.  I'll talk to my endo in a
>few months and see if he has a suggestion, but if
>anybody summarized the recall discussion and can send
>it to me off-list or on i'd really appreciate it.
>Miki Tracey
>email @ redacted

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