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[IPp] re: Sil-Serter For Comforts/Silhouette

<<<from: Rachel <email @ redacted>
 Does anyone use the Sil-Serter for the comforts (from Animas) or Silhouettes
(from MM)?? I went to visit Cole's new CDE today & he made me try it on
myself... didn't hurt a bit. I was impressed. They are trying to get us to stop
using ela-max...>>>>

We use the Sil-Serter for Silhouettes from MM on Luke, 8; have been using for a
little over 1 year now.  Before that we used QuickSets but got to the point
where those just won't work on him so we need the angle to get what little bit
of fat he has on him.  But I digress.  We've never used Ela-max or Emla or
anything else to deaden the site, mainly because we had so many unexpected site
changes in the early days from SofSets popping out or Humalog sensitivity that
we would have grown even older waiting to change those sites.  It took Luke a
couple of weeks to get comfortable with looking at the Sil-Serter while
inserting, but he pushes the button & selects the site now (we help position it
correctly).  Seeing me do it a couple of times helped.  He finally became
convinced that it works the sames as the Quick-Serter - but that's so small
that it's less "scary". Takes us less than 5 minutes total to do a site change.

Good luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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