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[IPp] Site Change Reminders

 That is a very good idea to write the date on the tape of the site or keep a
special calendar for it to help remind you.
 We were given a palm pilot when we started pumping with Animas so we just make
a note of it in the notes section. I will type "left leg site change" (or
whatever body part we used) & then I review the notes every 2-3 days to see
where I need to do a new site (we use the right & left sides of the leg, stomach
& butt). This way, when I e-mail his logs to the Endo via EZ Manager, they can
also review where I had the sites or any other notes I put in there.
But I do like the idea of writing the dates on the sites... Hmmmm...
Rachel - Single Mom to Cole, 5 - Pumping with Animas since 2-20-03

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We just started going to a new (adult endo) in Baltimore at the Joslin Center 
and they told us ABSOLUTELY change it every 3 days. They didn't want us to 
go over 72 hours under any circumstances. They said they'd rather see us 
change every other day than to let it go for even 73 hours! We have a hard time
remembering when to change sites sometimes and we started writing the date we 
put in on directly on the adhesive part of the site itself. That way we can 
just look at the site itself and see when we put it in. We also started marking
it down on a special diabetes calendar to add additional help for remembering.

Mom to Rachel 8-8-87 dx'd 7-5-96 pumping 5-18-99
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