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[IPp] What do you all think?

We are trying to get the Deltec Cozmo for Rachel but are fighting the HMO 
because they don't have an in-house provider contract with Deltec.  No matter 
what pump we get they will only cover 50%.  My dad suggested that we sell 
 Rachel's 2 Disetronic pumps for maybe $1000 or so each to help offset some of
 remaining cost. Those pumps are 4 years old. We haven't had any problems with
 them, but I feel a little weird about selling them. Would it be appropriate to
sell used pumps?  How would you react?  I just don't know.  I don't think I 
would be at all inclined to purchase a 4 year old used pump for my child, but 
maybe someone who doesn't have coverage would.  It just seems sort of strange 
to me.  Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Mom to Rachel 8-8-87 dx'd 7-5-96 pumping 5-18-99
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