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[IPp] re: more advice

Our first few months of pumping were marked by instability in # days on a site,
due to a sensitivity to Humalog.  Since switching to Novalog, we do site
changes 2X per week:  Wed night & Sun night, so 3 days & then 4 days.  We've
gone to 5 once because we forgot.  Doing 4 all the time seemed to make some of
the tissue rotation longer (e.g. it seemed to take more time to be able to go
back into the same area).  This works well & can actually be scheduled now. 
Luke uses Silhouette sets.

On the extended bolus, we use it for high-fat/very high protein foods
generally, like pizza and cheeseburgers or when he eats 3+ tacos.  With those,
we total up the bolus & split it between the "now" and the extended, usually
for an hour.  It's also been helpful for when he eats >70g of carb at a meal,
which is becoming more frequent as he gets bigger.  Can't wait for him to be
eating like his 13 year old (non-D) brother, who doesn't stop.  Thank God for
the pump!  Anyway, we had to play around a bit to see what worked best on Luke.
 We probably use the extended bolus 1-2 times a week out of all of the boluses
he does.  

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 - MM508


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