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Re: [IPp] Fw: more advice

We try to change Rachel's site every 3 days.  Of course, there have been 
a couple times
you get busy, and we've completely forgot! - had good numbers and didn't 
even think about it...
In fact, a week ago last Saturday, going to bed, it was almost midnight. 
her blood sugar - it was a little high.  Went to bolus, got beeps - 
there was not
enough to bolus!  She failed to tell me the low insulin warnings had 
gone off earlier!
Normally, we throw  a little insulin away each time we change sites - 
that time we got
our money's worth!  Remember though if you've had highs over 250 nearly all
day - sometimes, even if it's only been 1 or the 2nd day - good idea to 
change sites.
Good luck!
Cathy, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, pumping since 10/02

H2O Pool Service wrote:

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>From: H2O Pool Service
>Date: Sunday, July 20, 2003 9:07:14 PM
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: more advice
>Demi' did her first site change today. She was soooo nervous! As soon as it
>was in, she was so happy..she didn't feel a thing. She always did most all
>her own injections, and she is very independent, so she has done both sites
>herself. I have actually not done it yet! She is so good! I was happy to see
>that there was no irritation from the tape on the comforts after it was
>removed. What I have heard is a common problem. Her site looked ok also. a
>little hole, slightly pink around the hole, but looks good now. She is
>remembering to bolus everytime and is not taking it off now. She is so brave
> Truly my hero....I have been reading about the extended bolus. Does
>everyone use that much? How often is it truly used? Also, I was wondering, I
>know how often they SAY to change the site, but how often do most kids TRULY
>change. In other words, whats the average time you can really get out of a
>site. I know it's different for everyone, but I know my daily wear contacts
>say throw away after a day, but I can easily get an extra day or two out of
>it. I've heard that it's not healthy for the tissue after the 3rd day.....
>Any words...Anyone??????
> Minde' -Mom of Demi' -age 10 dx.8/8/97 pumping saline w/Animas7/17/03 going
>"live"  7/21/03 w/ Humalog. Also mom of Shea-13, Brandon-15....Both nons.
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