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Re: [IPp] re: need advice

> We have the Disetronic pump. 
>  My daughter started puming in May of this year. She'll be 9 in
>  September and
> similar weight to your daughter. Nicole didn't disconnect her pump
> during saline testing and had asked if she could disconnect during
> swimming, etc. and we told her the only time she could disconnect is
> to take a shower since it was only about 15 minutes.

Using a pump is about leading a normal life. My daughter takes her 
pump off whenever she swims or plays contact sports. That may mean 
that she has it off for an hour or two up to all day. When you swim 
-- if you swim "hard", like kids do, sometime you need extra carbs to 
keep from going low even without insulin. Lighten up, let her learn 
about how and when she needs to have her pump on and when it's ok to 
take it off. When it's off, it is necessary to check every couple of 
hours. When swimming, maybe as often as every half hour or so until 
you know what carb intake is needed to offset the energy from skin 
contact with the water. ..... to that end, when Lily swims at lake 
tahoe, she may go all day without her pump, connecting only once in a 
while for a snack or adjustment.

Besides, do you want to keep getting a $5000 piece of "water 
resistant" equipment wet. I don't care what they say, pumps were not 
intended for continuous submersion. Enough people on the list have 
had "accidents", including my own, to know that there is a big 
difference between taking your pump in the shower or bath, dropping 
in the toilet  --- and swimming for hours over many days.
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