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Re: [IPp] re: need advice

We have the Disetronic pump. 
 My daughter started puming in May of this year. She'll be 9 in September and
similar weight to your daughter. Nicole didn't disconnect her pump during saline
testing and had asked if she could disconnect during swimming, etc. and we told
her the only time she could disconnect is to take a shower since it was only
about 15 minutes. We recently bought her a yellow cell phone case (made of the
material as wet suits) and she can tell those not in her inner circle that she's
wearing a cell phone. We also have a cloth case that has a clip on it to wear
when she's wearing a dress so she can hook it on the inside of the sleeve. I
suspect your educator will advise taking the pump off on a limited basis to
receive the benefits of wearing a pump. Good luck, Karan

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My 10 year old daughter Demi' dx. 6 years ago August 8th!! Isn't it funny how
you don't forget that date ever. Yesterday, we started on our new Animas pump
with Saline. What a whole new world. I can see her fumbling with the pump
trying to find the most comfortable way to wear it. Last night,I came in, and
saw her with it disconnected on the counter. She said she just wanted to take
it off for a while. Is this normal for the first saline day? I know she'll get
used to it. Right now, she is doing it both ways, so it's kind of a
inconvenience I think. She slept well with it, and said it doesn't bother her
at all. She is using the longer Comfort sets. She swam last night and the tape
stayed. She is not forgetting to saline bolus when she eats. I think she is
doing ok. she is staying connected all the time today. How long does it take
before you are no longer fumbling with this extension to her body? We are very
excited for Monday when we go live with insulin. She is starting out on a .6
basal . Is this pretty average for her age and weight? she is almost 11 and 90
lbs. Just curious. Maybe I could get some insight on how most kids do to start
out??? Minde'

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