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RE: [IPp] Insurance

Our pump supplies were covered, the tubing, reservoirs etc... but the
adhesives, emla, barrier creams/sprays weren't.


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Aren't insurance companies lovely pieces of work!  My employer just changed
insurance companies so I find myself working through many of the same
coverage issues once again.  Our policy is supposed to cover all diabetes
supplies at 100%--yeah right!  We are currently fighting over whether or not
blood B-ketone test strips are "diabetes supplies" or not.  Urine test
strips are covered 100%, but they will not cover blood ketone strips at all
(not even under our regular prescription coverage).  They say that the blood
ketone strips are "diagnostic" supplies while urine strips are "diabetic"
supplies.  Two ways of checking ketones-yes, but the blood ketones tell us
more about what is going on with Sarah right when we check her.  The urine
ketones can only tell us what happened maybe hours ago.  They don't hear me
when I try to explain the benefits of better control now.  It is so
frustrating to have to deal with these issues over and over!

What type of insurance coverage do others have for pump supplies? (infusion
sets, tubing ect.)  Does anyone have these covered as "diabetes supplies"?
Or are they always considered durable medical equipment?

Thanks for listening,  Shannon (mom of Sarah 5yrs old, dx 8/4/2000)
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