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[IPp] Re: Only Test The BG 4 Times A Day...


(1) Clearly your endo has never raised a "D" child.  Most of them 
(2) Over Christmas, Sigrid ran headlong into the corner of a wall and 
my husband insisted on taking her to the ER for the goose-egg that rose 
on her head (no she wasn't high or low, she was just being a toddler!). 
  She was perfectly fine of course, but we had a very nice chat with the 
ER doctor anyway.  His daughter is "D" (on a pump, of course), and he 
told us that he thinks any parent who's dealt with a diabetic child for 
a few months will know more about diabetes management than most endos.
(3) As to not testing at night - it's true that most nights, we don't 
set the alarm clock for 1 AM checks anymore, because the pump is so 
much more reliable than the shots were.  It's also true that, when my 
daughter grows up and leaves home, I fear that I will be telling her 
that I don't ever want her to sleep alone!  Egad, what a thing to tell 
your teenage daughter!
(4) So you just test away, Rachel!  And for heaven's sake find an endo 
who knows at least half as much about pediatric diabetes management as 
you do.  Then maybe Cole's dad will follow suit.

- Maria
mom to Sigrid, dx'd @ 11 mos., pumping since 17 mos., 21 months old 
last week.
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