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Re: [IPp] Insurance company woe's

I live in Long Island New York, and have the same problems with our insurance 
company.  They give me such a hard time with Anthony's diabetes supplies.  He 
is two years old!!!! How dare anyone say how many times I should test my 
 child. If the doctor writes a prescription and deems it necessary to check the
 blood sugar as frequently as possible, than how could some person behind a desk
make that decision.
I have been fighting with my insurance company for a different pump for my 
son.  He has the MM Paradigm and it is not for him.  He needs the .05 basals.  
His cannula is clogging. He is low at night all the time . It is terrible.  I 
 have tried to make the insurance company understand what is going on and they
have NO HEART.  I was told that the medical director from the insurance 
 company feels that it is not necessary for Anthony. They do not have a
with Animas or Deltec and will only allow coverage for MM products.  It is so 
hard to see your young child suffer with D and then to have people that dont 
even want to help is so frustrating. 
I have tried to speak with MM about these problems, but there is no call back 
.  I waited 2 weeks to speak with a trainer.  
I think Animas is the most helpful people.  Wish I would've chosen them 

mom to Anthony 2 1/2  Dx'd8/25/02 Pumping w/MMParadigm 4/7/03 
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