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Re: [IPp] Testing only 4 times a day.


I am very lucky I found a new Endo that gives me no problems with how many 
times I test my 3 year old son Justin, or writing a prescription for 400 test 
 strips a months. My last Endo Never wanted to give me enough testing strips to
cover the month. To help me cover the rest of the month I bought a meter and 
testing strips that are a lot less expensive. I believe the meter is about 8 
dollars, and test strips were under 20 dollars for 50 strips. They are made by 
Relion-on, and are found in Walmart and Sam's Club. I was a little scared to 
use them at first thinking the readings would not be reliable, but I was very 
surprised when the meter worked very well. I don't know why some Endos won't 
give enough test strips. Maybe Insurance's has a lot to do with it.  Hope this 

Gina, Mom of Justin, pumping with Cozmo
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