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[IPp] Testing only 4 times a day.

I've been thru the same "garbage" with my daughter's endo regarding
limiting how many times I test her a day.  They don't want to give me
anymore than 300 per month.   I wanted more to cover unusal days and for
errors with the meter.  I don't want to have to worry that I may run out
of strips.  I ususally test her on average 10 times a day, somedays
more...somedays less.  A day with lows and/or high's it's necessary to
test her more.  I had to, (but shouldn't have had to), explain this logic
to my daughter's endo to justify why I'm testing her so much. The
advantage of the pump is that you can adjust the insulin at will.  But if
you don't test often, that's not possible.   It hurts me, more than
anyone, that I have to prick my daughters fingers 10+ a day.  I hate
it!!!!   But, when I look at the alternative, I'd rather be pricking her
precious little fingers that escorting her to her dialysis 3 times a week
10 years from now!!!     Our job, as a parent, is to keep our children as
healthy as possible so they can hopefully avoid these devastating
complications related to diabetes.   Just why do the endo's fight us on


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