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Re: [IPp] Only Test The BG 4 Times A Day...

>  Yep, that's what Cole's new Endo is saying. I could just scream!!!!
>  He is the
> only Ped Endo here in town but I'm beginning to think that is what
> all Endo's say anymore (this is our 4th Ped Endo due to moving). I
> talked to his nurse today that will be managing Cole & he told me I
> am a "bit excessive" to test more than 6 times a day (we test
> anywhere from 7-9 times a day... sometimes more, sometimes less). I
> feel like telling them to take Cole for a week to see if they can
> have him under control off 4 times a day BG testing.

For diabetes care, there is nothing "magic" about a peds endo. See if 
there is a more accomodating adult endo in town that has pump 
BTW, members of the IP forums test 7 times a day on the average. That 
number include those who try harder as well as those who aren't yet 
motivated. See:


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