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Re: [IPp] re: testing frequency

I agree with Charlotte on testing.  We're on a 3 month reorder for 
supplies - and it seems we run out
right before the 3 months is up - that's 1200 test strips for 90 days. 
 My 11 year old daugher, who's had
diabetes @ 17 months - just started the pump last October.  Her A1C was 
never below the
8 or 9 range - until May - 7.5!  and I too believe testing more often 
helps - you spot the highs right away
and correct them, most of the time.  Normal testing is AM, before lunch, 
afternoon - before swimming, after swimming and replugging in, before 
supper, before bedtime snack, then we test before we go to bed, and then
usually 1 time in middle of night, unless she's high (or low) - and 
we'll check again in 2 hours.  That's a minimum of 8 times a day - but 
more if she's really high or she feels low, which averages out about 10 
x a day.
Seems alot - but I'd rather be safe than sorry too.
And of course, when middle school starts (first year), this Mom will 
again be a little nervous with a new school and nurse, until she gets 
the hang of it - so I'm sure they'll be testing often there too.
The drs know alot - but not as much as Moms of children who live with 
this every day.
Good luck!
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
thyroid 7/02, pumping 10/02

Charlotte Holt wrote:

> Our glucometer software tells us that my 9 year old daughter tests an 
> average of 11.6 times per day.  Her A1c's while pumping (and growing!) 
> over the past 3-plus years have ranged from 6.1 to 7.6.  Our endo 
> wishes I didn't have to test her BG during the nights, but would never 
> tell me NOT to.  He prescribes what we require:  1050 test strips for 
> 90 days.
> One primary goal in my life is to keep my child from ever needing a 
> glucagon shot (we've had a few close calls) while letting her do 
> anything any non-D child does.  She knows that testing responsibly 
> (meaning often) is the key that keeps all doors open to her and she 
> rarely objects.  And hopefully, when the cure arrives, whatever her 
> age, her body will be healthy and intact and she'll be ready to 
> undergo whatever procedure is devised to finally "fix" this disorder.  
> She hopes to be first in line when that day comes!
> Charlotte
> Mama of Annie, aged 9, dx'd at 3, pumping since age 5, and now 
> battling with pre-puberty growth hormones on a daily basis
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