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[IPp] re: testing frequency

Our glucometer software tells us that my 9 year old daughter tests an 
average of 11.6 times per day.  Her A1c's while pumping (and growing!) over 
the past 3-plus years have ranged from 6.1 to 7.6.  Our endo wishes I 
didn't have to test her BG during the nights, but would never tell me NOT 
to.  He prescribes what we require:  1050 test strips for 90 days.
One primary goal in my life is to keep my child from ever needing a 
glucagon shot (we've had a few close calls) while letting her do anything 
any non-D child does.  She knows that testing responsibly (meaning often) 
is the key that keeps all doors open to her and she rarely objects.  And 
hopefully, when the cure arrives, whatever her age, her body will be 
healthy and intact and she'll be ready to undergo whatever procedure is 
devised to finally "fix" this disorder.  She hopes to be first in line when 
that day comes!
Mama of Annie, aged 9, dx'd at 3, pumping since age 5, and now battling 
with pre-puberty growth hormones on a daily basis
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