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Re: [IPp] Only Test The BG 4 Times A Day...

Rachel, maybe think about checking with your insurance company to see if 
there are any other ped endo practices within driving distance of your new 
home... We drive 3 hours round trip to see ours and happily do it!  There 
are options in town for us, but we left that practice over a year ago so 
that Jeremy could get his insulin pump (different reason for leaving, but 
basically their philosophy on maintaining good control in an 8 year old did 
not match our philosophy anymore, which is what you seem to be experiencing 
now).   I take a day off from work and Jeremy misses school that day (when I 
can't schedule on a school day off).  Our endo asks us "how many times a day 
are you testing", or "how many strips do you need in a month" and he 
prescribes what we need.   We also test about 8-10 times per day usually.

Good luck!  I hope this works out for you all.

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 9, pumping 6/02

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Subject: [IPp] Only Test The BG 4 Times A Day...
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 19:53:58 -0700 (PDT)

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  Yep, that's what Cole's new Endo is saying. I could just scream!!!! He is 
only Ped Endo here in town but I'm beginning to think that is what all 
say anymore (this is our 4th Ped Endo due to moving). I talked to his nurse
today that will be managing Cole & he told me I am a "bit excessive" to test
more than 6 times a day (we test anywhere from 7-9 times a day... sometimes
more, sometimes less). I feel like telling them to take Cole for a week to 
if they can have him under control off 4 times a day BG testing.

  Oh, and his A1c came back today... 8.5. Down from last time but he was 
with his

*SIGH* AND, his Endo is complaining about that high A1c!!! I told him there 
no way to lower it unless you TEST MORE OFTEN!!!

  How many times a day does your Endo's say to test your kids? It's like I'm
almost giving up the fight anymore... when Cole goes with his Dad I guess 
just tell him to test 4 times a day, no more or your being excessive. Oh, 
and no
night testing either...

I'm gonna take a long walk off a short pier...

Rachel - www.picturetrail.com/jracheln
email @ redacted

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