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[IPp] Re:You Know You're The Parent of A "D" Child When...

Hi all,
       As we know, its pretty hard to start letting go and allowing your 
child to take responsibility for boluses and such.
       Claire, who is now 9, is invited to so many birthday parties.  This 
weekend I just had to allow her to figure out on her own how much to bolus for 
 what she ate. They were in a restaurant and she had chicken fingers and fries,
ice-cream cake, then at the movie the girls all had lots of sweets.  So, four 
hours after dropping her off, we had the moment of truth.  Only 0.5 unit off 
in her calculations!  I thought that was really, really great.  Bolusing with 
the H-tron pump is very easy and intuitive for kids.  Each audio beep delivers 
0.5 units (you can have this set lower if you desire).  So she has developed 
a good knack for knowing how much food or sweets for "one beep".  
       Of course it makes me very nervous, but I know I have to start giving 
her responsibility for this.  Now if only she could do her own sites she could 
go to diabetes camp next summer, which I know she would really love.  She 
abhors the idea of someone other than me doing a site change!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9, pumping 27 months

> We've had Luke punching the buttons to do his own bolus since he first got 
> his
> pump.  We think he'll be doing the bolus calculation later in 3rd grade, 
> once
> learns his multiplication tables. 
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