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[IPp] re: You Know You're The Parent of A "D" Child When...

Rachel, funny that you bring up decimal math & pumper kids.  My 8 year old just
finished 2nd grade - he's the only 2nd grader I know that can add & subtract
decimals, because we usually split his bolus at beginning/end of meal, so he
can calculate how much is needed to finish the bolus.  Luke's also been able to
multiply decimals since shortly after getting the pump when he was in
kindergarten, because of the audio bolus (on MM508).  We have that set in 0.5
unit increments, and he recognized quickly that a 2.0 bolus he just has to
punch the up arrow 4 times on his pump.  This is about 2-4 years earlier than
my non-D kids were able to handle this kind of math.  He wouldn't be able to
write an equation for it, but he can do it in his head.  Pumping definitely
makes fractions/decimals a real-life thing for a kid to grasp.

We've had Luke punching the buttons to do his own bolus since he first got his
pump.  We think he'll be doing the bolus calculation later in 3rd grade, once
learns his multiplication tables.  I'll bet he's the only kid that will have
the 17's memorized!

Of course, we won't be sending him to do the calcs on his own for a while, but
it is reassuring to know he's getting there.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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