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Re: [IPp] opinions about pumps

I have no idea if puberty has even hit yet!  No noticeable signs anyway yet.
All I know is we have had NO similar nights lately!
Last night was the worst!  Rachel was high (over 400) at supper time. 
 Did correction.
She ate gluten free pizza.  Did bolus for that.  Then we got busy for 4 
hours with other things -
should've known to test her sooner... She was 559 at 9:45!  Did 4 unit 
insulin injection in
her arm and immediately changed her site (only had been 2 days).  Pushed 
fluids also after we
checked and she had small ketones.  Needless to say - up every 2 hours 
checking to be sure
she was down, pump was working, and ketones were gone.  Then at 4 am she 
is 99 -
lowered basal to .5 (instead of .6) and gave her 2 skittles.   She was 
75 at 5 am - gave her
couple more - 7 am - 64 ---- so she had juice and a cheese stick.   Not 
a good night!
Then today she's high before lunch - correction - she didn't want much 
lunch.  Then
she calls a little bit ago - 46!   Not sure what's going on!  Anybody 
else have these problems?
Only thing I can even think of was we were at funeral dinner yesterday 
and there wasn't alot
she could eat - except mashed potatoes - and she used 4 little cups of 
margarine - no carbs -
but sure it's loaded with calories.  But, we're not supposed to do bolus 
for calories anymore
are we???  Any ideas?
Thanks for listening.
Cathy, Mom to RAchel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, thyroid 7/02, 
pumping 10/02

greg stewart wrote:

>My 11 y.o. son is using Cozmo - love it!  We also were discouraged from
>selecting Cozmo because it is so new, but we felt the features were too hard
>to pass.  Had problems getting insurance coverage, and had mechanical problems
>(first day!!!) with his first pump, but Deltec quickly replaced it.  Animas
>was our second choice -- excellent product and even more excellent customer
>Cathy -- I'm sure you've already considered this, but is puberty affecting
>your daughter's night-time fluctuations?  My son just -- and I mean in the
>past month -- developed Dawm Phenomena -- which we've corrected by bumping up
>his nightime basal rates.
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