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Re: [IPp] pumper starting kindergarten

Hi Connie,

My 9 year old was diagnosed at 6, but we just started the pump in
February.   Well, the nurse at my daughters school was not comfortable
giving her insulin.   I find with my daughter there's not really a set
rule to follow each time.  I'm not sure if all kids on the pump are that
way.   There are so many factors to consider when giving a bolus.  It, as
I'm sure you know, depends on what morning breakfast consisted of, her
morning count, any snacks at school, her activity level that day etc.

Anyway, how we handled it?   The nurse just called me every time.  I have
a desk job so it was feasible to call me.  She was more comfortable with
that and I was more relaxed with that also. 

Some things she certainly didn't have to call me on, but she choose to. 
The pump is a great tool and I wouldn't go back to
injections....but....it's also a very dangerous tool if used
incorrectly.   Don't take any chances with your son.  It's the nurses job
to accomodate you and your son!

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to see the respones to this. My son will start >kindergarten this fall
also. > >Connie mom to Andrew (dx 12-99) and Brian > > > ----------
Original Message ----------------------------------son Liam, dx'd at >8
months, has been pumping for 2 years in November. He > >starts (all day)
kindergarten this September. We need to get a chart together > >for his
teacher, who will be giving him his boluses, as a guide for units of >
>insulin to carbs, etc... Can anyone e-mail us a example of what you
provided > >to the school as a guide for diabetic care, and insulin > > >
>The principal, the school nurse, and a couple of teachers have had
training > >with a glucagon kit but no other diabetic trainging. We are
going to meet with > >them in, with our area Minimed rep, do to a
training session and general > >discussion about Liam's daily diabetic
care. > > > >We would appreciate any input from those who have had to
deal with this scary > >day of sending your > >little pumper off to
school. > >please send reponses to us directly at email @ redacted
> > > >thankyou > >Joel and Dianne , parents of Liam >
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