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[IPp] Vaccines

 The mom that wrote about her son's very unique reaction to a vaccine is a very
sad story. I am a nurse, for over 20 years and there is no unwritten, unspoken
code for us to not discuss dangerous things like bad reactions to vaccines etc.
I have 4 children and I have a son diagnosed at age 3 with DM. I have no idea
what caused it--was it vaccines, allergies, the constant enlarged tonsils and
adnoids that he had? Was it a combination of all 3 that caused his diabetes. You
can bet your life that if the medical community could pinpoint vaccines as being
the reason that our children have dm and other problems like that mom's son, it
would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country and we would stop
giving them now. but, it isn't that simple and by not immunizing our children we
put them at greater risk of very serious illnesses. Ever seen a case of a child
with hepatitis--I have and it isn't pretty. That little boy's mom would have
gladly given him the vac. ha!
 d it been
  available. but hindsight is 20/20. There is still much to be learned--if I had
to do it all over again--would I give my son the vaccines that are required to
attend school etc? Tough question, but I think I would. If I could have my son
back, pre-diabetes and I knew that a certain vaccine, or maybe the enlarged
tonsils that he had for so long and was treated with antihistamines for
allergies--what would I change? Whatever I could to take this away from him. But
my 3 daughters are all right and fully immunized. And I am thankful to live now
and prevent diseases that killed children early in life 50-100 years ago. I
leave the rest up to God and my faith that there is a greater plan that i AM not
privy to. someday I think I will find out why certain kids get things and others
don't. But, don't put other kids at risk by getting parents nervous about having
their kids immunized--are you prepared to console them if something happens to
their kids because they believed y!
 ou and I
  suppose the reverse can also be said. I don't there is a simple answer to this
question of to immunize or not. Mary, mother of Chris, pumping since
11/00--diagnosed 2/98.

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