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[IPp] Re: opinions about pumps

In a message dated 04/07/2003 1:04:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> sent a message a couple days ago asking specifically about the Cozmo pump 
> for
> my 17 yo daughter with CF related diabetes. I just found out that Medtronic 
> is
> coming out with a new pump, hopefully within the next couple months, that 
> has
> all of the features of the Cozmo pump,

Hi Terri,
       Because the Cozmo is so new, there isn't a whole lot of people with 
opinions on it yet, perhaps.  You might get more responses if you post the 
 question about the Cozmo to the main IP list, or else check the archives. From
reading it seems like people are pretty happy with the Cozmo pump.  
       About waiting for a new Medtronic pump.....well its hard to know if "a 
couple of months" is accurate.  The Paradigm is still pretty new, I find it 
hard to believe they would release another new model so soon.  I'm not saying 
its not true, so it depends on how fast you want to start pumping, whether you 
want to wait or not.  Now with me, I wouldn't even wait an extra month to get 
my daughter pumping!!  The D-tron was about to come out in Canada, but I 
 wouldn't wait for it, bought the H-tron immediately. But I've never regretted
decision either.
       Two years ago, on the main IP list there was a young woman with CF and 
diabetes who was just starting a pump.  She lived in my province and we wrote 
a bit to each other.  I think she was pretty happy with her pump.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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