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RE: [IPp] opinions about pumps

A  recent post asked for users' experience with the Cozmo.  We love 
ours!  We chose the Cozmo for our then-17-month old daughter 
specifically for its built-in calculation features, to make it easier 
for our day-care provider (although also for us).  We pretty much made  
this decision after a sales presentation from Deltec to our local 
insulin pumper's group, at which the remainder of the audience was all 
swooning and salivating  over the features of this pump, and asking if 
there was a trade-in program, and counting out loud how long till their 
insurance companies would let them trade up.  The audience (except for 
us) was all veteran pumpers, some on Mini-Med, some Animas, some 
Disetronic.   I also researched the FDA recall history for all the 
pumps (and, on Deltec, for their other model pumps).  All of the 
manufacturers have had either recalls or warning letters from the FDA - 
but the Deltec  history seemed less scary to me than the others.  We 
never really looked into Mini-Med because we decided straight away that 
we wanted a luer-lock connection to the infusion site; if someone comes 
up with a better infusion site technology, we want to be able to use it 
(not restricted by a proprietary type connection at the pump, as the 
Paradigm has).  Also, our CDE specifically discouraged us from choosing 
Mini-Med, on the grounds that she had seen too many problems with their 
pump, and that the company had not been appropriately responsive in her 
opinion.  Now, she also discouraged us from getting the Cozmo, on the 
grounds that she thought it would be stupid to be the first ones to get 
a new model pump.   This didn't bother us.  I work with the FDA 
regulations governing drugs and medical devices, and I know how 
stringent they are.

It sounds like both Deltec and MiniMed are coming out with significant 
upgrades to their pumps soon.  If you're willing to be the first on 
your block with a new model, it would be worth your while to at least 
check out the websites for both; probably the companies would be happy 
to send you a videotaped sales pitch also.

Regardless, ANY pump will allow you to match the insulin to your 
child's life, rather than forcing your child's life to fit the insulin. 

  - Maria
mom to Sigrid, dx'd @11 mos., pumping since  17 mos.
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