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RE: [IPp] opinions about pumps

The Cozmo will have a "Cozmonitor" in January.  It uses Therasense Freestyle
strips, and is a slim meter that attaches to the Cozmo and directly sends blood
 sugars to the pump via an infrared device. We are getting a Cozmo now, and will
be upgraded at no charge in January.

Hadn't heard about the new Minimed.

Mom to Madeline 8, Austin 7, Emma 4 dx 10/9/02, Abigail 2, Genevieve & Gracie 1

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Hi again,
  I sent a message a couple days ago asking specifically about the Cozmo pump
my 17 yo daughter with CF related diabetes. I just found out that Medtronic is
coming out with a new pump, hopefully within the next couple months, that has
all of the features of the Cozmo pump, plus the ability to beam results of
glucose monitoring into the pump. So now I would like to hear from anyone who
has used either the Cozmo or Medtronic pump. I am interested in hearing about
 positive and negative experiences. I haven't gotten any responses back yet
the Cozmo pump...so if anyone can please share with me their experiences, I
 would really appreciate it! BTW, I received a few emails privately (in response
to my original email) about "glyconutrients" which will miraculously help my
daughter combat CF. I would love to be able to find a magic pill that will make
her better and extend her life expectancy, but I have issues with the way
Mannatech advertises (my daughter was sent emails promising a cure) and I don't
 believe in testimonials without adequate research to back up claims. I feel
the company preys on people who are in desperate situations. Please don't send
me any further emails about quick cures..I just want info about pumps! Thanks,
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