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Re: [IPp] opinions about pumps

My 11 yo daughter has Medtronic's new Paradigm pump.  She got it in October.
She has had diabetes since 17 mos old.  She loves the pump and never 
wants to
go back to shots.  Actually, this summer, unplugging and swimming 
without worrying
about long lasting insulin and getting low - has really helped.  We are 
happy with the
pump.  She still has very irregular nights however, and so my husband 
and I take
turns and get up at least once a night to check her.  There are nights 
when we go
to bed and she is 94 (last night). Perfect #, and before pump, we would 
"beef her up"
with snack so she wouldn't get low.  She ate a cheese stick then and 
went to bed.
At 3:30 she was 237???? So it is trial and error and each day seems a 
little different -
but now when she chooses to eat - she just dials in the bolus based on 
her carbs
and has become very responsible.  The company was wonderful when we had
problems in the very beginning with the canula getting crimped.  She 
uses the quickset
but it crimps in her stomach, so we use it on her backside just below 
her waistline.
I can't wait until the time when the pump "knows" that she is low and 
drops the basal
rate - instead of us having to test her all the time.  I hope before she 
is out of high school
we have even more modern advances, as well as testing without actually 
drawing blood.
(She doesn't want glucowatch because she heard it leaves sores on her arm).
Good luck with your decision.  Please keep us posted.
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to RAchel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
thyroid 7/02, pumping 10/02

email @ redacted wrote:

>Hi again,
 > I sent a message a couple days ago asking specifically about the Cozmo pump
>my 17 yo daughter with CF related diabetes. I just found out that Medtronic is
>coming out with a new pump, hopefully within the next couple months, that has
>all of the features of the Cozmo pump, plus the ability to beam results of
>glucose monitoring into the pump. So now I would like to hear from anyone who
>has used either the Cozmo or Medtronic pump. I am interested in hearing about
 >positive and negative experiences. I haven't gotten any responses back yet
>the Cozmo pump...so if anyone can please share with me their experiences, I
>would really appreciate it!
 > BTW, I received a few emails privately (in response to my original email)
>"glyconutrients" which will miraculously help my daughter combat CF. I would
>love to be able to find a magic pill that will make her better and extend her
>life expectancy, but I have issues with the way Mannatech advertises (my
>daughter was sent emails promising a cure) and I don't believe in testimonials
>without adequate research to back up claims. I feel like the company preys on
 >people who are in desperate situations. Please don't send me any further
>about quick cures..I just want info about pumps!
>Thanks, Terri
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