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Re: [IPp] Re:Vaccines

At 01:14 AM 7/3/2003, you wrote:
>Doctors and nurses seem to have a code of silence when discussing vaccines.
>No one will ever say anything about them.  I did, however,  have one
>  paediatrician who said not to let my son have any more vaccinations. It 
> is hard
>pass up one like Meningitis C-- it is a tough decision when people can die so
>very quickly from this disease.

I must say as an RN I would give my children the vaccines...  The question 
I would ask Drs is if their children were given them as well..  I do not 
know a single Dr that refused to have their children vaccinated..  But I 
must say I seen one baby that the parents refused a common shot given at 
birth (can't remember it right this second) now it is unlikely to live to 
the end of the week..

now personally (remember this is me and me only) I would take my chances 
with the shots

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
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