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[IPp] Re:Vaccines

In a message dated 01/07/2003 7:46:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> - and if I have another child, that child WILL receive every vaccine
> >under the sun!
> >How quickly we forget that infectious diseases were the #1 cause of
> >death in this country, as recently as 1920....

You will definitely change your views on this matter if, say, one of your 
nieces or nephews, or friend's child has a bad reaction to a vaccination.  

I never considered myself "anti-vaccine", however, I'm not sure that any of 
 my children will be allowed any more "routine" vaccinations. My son received a
BCG vaccination (tuberculosis) two weeks before his 10th birthday.  They said 
something at the time about it taking two weeks to have any effect and sure 
enough the day after his birthday he was too dizzy to stand up and had 
 extremely bad headaches. He moved from his bed to the sofa, for most of the
couple of years. Some nights I would wonder if he would be with us the next 
 morning. Two years later, he hadn't improved and was hospitalised for more
  Even with dealing with DM and Claire at the time, whose diabetes was 
 completely uncontrollable on injections and she was doing very poorly, well it
 nothing like watching her brother lying there almost unable to move. He missed
almost two full years of school and now, four years later has not regained 
his full health.  He was an extremely healthy and exuberant young child, never 
really sick a day in his life.  He had an extremely strong immune system and 
 never caught the bugs that other kids would have. But he has always had severe
allergies and I think that has something to do with reacting to the proteins 
in vaccines.  Claire is the same way, she is never sick with things that other 
kids have.  It took her until this year to finally get chicken pox (and no, I 
wasn't going to give her the vaccine to prevent the disease).  She has never 
been sick and throwing up in her life--how many kids are like this?  But she 
has that allergic tendency that scares me.  
Doctors and nurses seem to have a code of silence when discussing vaccines.  
No one will ever say anything about them.  I did, however,  have one 
 paediatrician who said not to let my son have any more vaccinations. It is hard
pass up one like Meningitis C-- it is a tough decision when people can die so 
very quickly from this disease.  
Thanks Barb, for posting those vaccines web sites.  I was quite shocked to 
read that in the USA they give newborn babies the Hepatitis B vaccine.  In 
 Canada it is given to kids in grade 6 or 7. My oldest missed it, because he was
home sick anyway, but I also refused it for my second son who just finished 
 grade 6. Surely this is not a necessary vaccine? If my boys start using drugs
I will urge them to get it at that time.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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