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[IPp] Cozmo pump

Hi everyone,
 My 17 yo daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis related diabetes this past
April (she has had CF her entire life). BTW, the definition of CF and CF related
diabetes on the insulin pumpers website isn't completely correct, if anyone has
ever read it! Anyway, she has significant medical problems, including the need
for frequent courses of IV therapy and multiple other meds and therapies. She is
a such a trooper, but has been finding that the addition of glucose monitoring,
insulin and carb counting to her regimin quite overwhelming (she is on Lantus
and Novolog). I believe an insulin pump will make life easier for her, and she
is interested as well, but I want to be sure we are getting a pump that is easy
to use and won't be giving her problems. After looking at a few different
brands, she prefers the Cozmo pump. I understand that it is a relatively new
pump, and I am a bit concerned that it may have some bugs yet to be worked out.
We have used infusion pumps many !
  times from the same manufacturer without incident, but those pumps were rented
from a home care agency, so I've never had to deal with the company.
Any experience with this pump that others would be willing to share?
Thanks very much.
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