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Re: [IPp] School Orders

Dear Carol,

I like your plan a lot better than mine.  I forgot a few important things
that I will certainly have to revise.  Go girl!


>From: "Carol Mulligan" >Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: >Subject: [IPp] School Orders >Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 16:37:48 -0700
> >Ok, everyone. I, too, would appreciate some input and advice from
those who >have kids in middle school. Devin (14) will be starting off
this year with >his pump, yeh!! Last year he spent way too much time in
the nurses office >because he didn't feel well. His BG's were up and down
and mostly way too >high. This year, thanks to the pump and his palm
pilot's EZ manager, I want >Devin to stay OUT OF THE NURSE'S OFFICE. The
following is a work in progress. >Any advice or suggestions would be
appreciated! > > School Orders for Devin Mulligan > Blood Glucose
Testing: > > Devin will test his Blood Glucose (in the classroom) at the
following times >(indicated when his watch alarms): mid-morning, before
lunch, mid-afternoon, >before and after PE, before he walks home from
school, and whenever he feels >low or high. > > Ketone testing: > > Devin
will test his ketones if Blood Glucose is over 250 (he will keep the
>test strips in backpack) If ketones are negative or small, Devin will
give a >normal bolus. If ketones are high, Devin will go to the nurse's
office. The >nurse will help Devin calculate a bolus of a 50% increase. >
> Pump Management: > > Set Changes: Devin will change his site as
indicated ( set comes out, or >problem with site, such as, occlusion)
Devin will use nurse's office to >change or insert new pump site. > >
Pump malfunction: In the event the pump malfunctions, school personnel
will >contact his mother. If mother is unavailable, Animas will be called
at >1-877-937-7867 for tech support. > > Diabetic Supplies: Back-up and
emergency supplies will be kept in nurse's >office where Devin will have
access to them when needed. Nurse will notify >parents if supplies are
>getting low or have expired. > > High Blood Sugar Bolus: Devin will
bolus for high blood sugar the amount >calculated on his palm pilot. Do
not restrict bathroom breaks. Provide water >for Devin, if thirsty. > >
Low Blood Sugar: Devin will eat part or all of a fruit snack/juice box as
>indicated by a low blood sugar. Then, Devin will retest his Blood
Glucose >15-20 later. Retreat, if necessary. DEVIN WILL NOT LEAVE THE
seizure/unconsciousness: Glucagon injections will be given per
>instructions. 911 and parents are to be called immediately, in that
order. >Glucagon kit and instructions for use will be kept in nurse's
office and in PE >office. > > PE Class: > >Devin will test his Blood
Glucose before and after PE class. If activity is >particularly strenuous
or long, Devin will test his Blood Sugar half way >through PE. If Devin
"feels" low, he will test. > >If Blood Glucose is under 100, Devin will
drink 1 juice box or eat 1 fruit >snack. > >If Blood Glucose is over 250
and ketones are present, Devin will not exercise. >Non-participation due
to this reason will not affect his average. > >PE Teacher will be
instructed on signs and treatment of Hypoglycemia including >Glucagon
Injections. > >Devin will decide whether he wishes to disconnect his pump
during PE. If he >disconnects, pump MUST be put somewhere safe from theft
or tampering. > > >Thanks! > >Carol >mom to Devin (14) dx 4/01, pumping
since 5/02 >email @ redacted
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