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[IPp] Megan has Gotten Approval to test in Class!!Horray!

We got Megan approved by the principal to test in the classroom.  After all the trouble some of you (Cindy especially)were having I was really scared to even try.

But, I sent the principal an email and told him that Megan's medical needs had changed now that she is on the pump.  I did not ask, I told (cindy your letter helped me alot)I also stated the fact that diabetic children accross the country were testing in the classroom.  

Now keep in mind we are in a school that does not have a nurse, (just one for the district) also, they really don't know how to do everything unless we tell them, and Megan is going in the 7th grade, (which means she is going to be walking more, which may make her low)

Anyway, he sent back a great email, (of course, since I have subbed at the school, he knows me, this probably helped a bit)Also, I am within 10 minutes of the school most of the time!

She will do any set changes or syringes in the office, and she will be treating her lows with raisens (which work great! and are quite)

We are so happy!  Good luck to all of you who are still trying!


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