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[IPp] Re: Finally talked to superintendent

snip>>  "According to his lawyers" it would be more disruptive
done in class<<

Disruptive to whom?  The other students might be curious at first (as 
they should be), but the novelty soon wears off.  What about the 
disruptiveness to Jessy being forced to leave the classroom every two 

snip>>there would be a problem if one of the "curious" other students 
got into her testing case<<

I recommend you and Jessy (with Jessy doing as much as possible) 
schedule a time the first week of school to do a simple explanation 
of Type 1 diabetes and what Jessy must do to treat it.  She could 
even do a bg test (which I guarantee will fascinate her classmates!). 
Field any questions after your presentation.  Her classmates should 
learn early on that it isn't dangerous to be around and they have 
nothing to fear.  Kids are very accepting once they understand.  Once 
they are told Jessy's kit contains medical supplies, they are old 
enough to know not to get into it.  For heaven's sake, if that was 
such a concern, you'd have to rid the classrooms of scissors, sharp 
pencils, push pins, etc.  But Jessy shouldn't be restricted in her 
care and punished because some student may misbehave and get into 
something they know they shouldn't.

snip>>and my personal favorite, the bodily fluid issue.<<

There is absolutely NO legal foundation for this concern.  Diabetic 
bg testing is not considered to be a danger to anyone.

snip>>I don't want to give up for Jessy, but I don't want to
make enemies out of these people<<

Don't give up on Jessy!  You are setting a fine example for her.  We 
parents tell our kids how important taking great care of their 
diabetes is...you are showing her you won't allow the school to take 
that away from her.

I would say to not give in on any issue that is important to you and 
Jessy.  I personally wouldn't want Noah (for different reasons) to 
leave the classroom to test.  That's a personal choice.  If you and 
Jessy don't think it's a big deal, then don't worry about it.  But if 
you feel it is unnecessary, dangerous, or socially stigmatizing (or 
anything else), you shouldn't give in.

I've pasted Noah's 504 Plan below from last school year.  You can get 
an idea of accommodations some of us other parents have in place with 
our school districts.  I can't remember whether you have one or are 
in the process of getting one.  I highly recommend having one in 
place and getting the principal's signature on it.  I thought some 
other parents might benefit from it, too, since the new school year 
is fast approaching.

We all feel for you having to go through this.  Hang in there!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah


504 Plan - Noah Kress
2001-02 School Year

  1.	Noah wears an insulin pump and will be allowed to administer 
insulin whenever and wherever needed via his pump.  In the event the 
pump malfunctions, he/school personnel will contact his parents 

2.	Noah will be allowed to carry blood glucose testing equipment 
and supplies and test blood sugars wherever and whenever needed.

3.	Back-up and emergency supplies will be kept in nurse's office 
where Noah will have access to at all times. These supplies will be 
provided by his parents.  Nurse will notify parents if supplies are 
getting low or have 		expired.

4.	Noah will use nurse's office to change or insert new pump system.

5.	Low blood sugar treatment:  Noah will be allowed to test, 
carry, and administer treatment whenever and wherever necessary.

6.	High blood sugar treatment:   Noah will administer insulin 
via his pump whenever and wherever necessary. He will use insulin pen 
or syringe as a back-up (which will be kept in nurse's office).

7.	Treatment of seizure/unconsciousness:  Glucagon injection 
will be given by designated school personnel per written instructions 
provided by Noah's parents/physician.  911 and parents are to be 
called immediately, in 		that order.  Glucagon kit and 
instructions for use will be kept in nurse's office.

8.	If Noah's parents cannot be reached regarding an emergency 
medical situation, school personnel will contact one of Noah's 
physicians.  Phone numbers will be kept in nurse's office.

9.	Ketones will be checked if blood sugar is over 300.  Ketone 
strips will be kept in nurse's office and test will be administered 
there.  School personnel will notify Noah's parents/physician 
immediately if 	blood sugar is 		over 300 and ketones are 
present.  Noah will need to drink water frequently to flush out 
ketones and will be allowed to have water with him wherever he is.

10.	Noah will have unlimited access to the bathroom and drinking 
fountain throughout the school day.

11.	Noah will be allowed enough time to finish his lunch even if 
it requires a longer time than is normally allotted.

12.	Tests, exams, and any paper/presentation that would result in 
a grade being given, will not be administered within one hour of an 
episode of hyperglycemia (blood sugar above 170) or hypoglycemia 
(blood sugar below 80).  If it is found that the above was 
administered during either of these episodes, Noah will be given the 
opportunity to redo the work at a later time when blood glucose 
levels have returned to a normal level and at a time that does not 
interfere with other classes/school work and activities.  Tests taken 
		or work done during one of these episodes will not be 
graded and will not affect his average.

13.	Noah will not be allowed to participate in strenuous activity 
(gym class) if his blood sugar is over 300.  Non-participation due to 
this reason will not affect his average.

14.	If blood sugars are high (170 or over) and Noah is feeling 
lethargic or ill, he will be allowed to excuse himself from class and 
go to nurse's office, main office, restroom, or drinking fountain. 
Nurse or school personnel 		will notify parents.

15.	Noah will be allowed to participate in all extracurricular 
activities including sports and field trips.

16.	If Noah's parents feel it is necessary, they will accompany 
Noah on field trips.

17.	Noah's absences and tardiness from school will be unlimited. 
Noah's parents will provide excuses.

18.	School will provide Noah a tutor if needed due to excessive 
absences.  This could be arranged during school hours (if it doesn't 
interfere with other classes/activities), in the afternoons after 
school, or evenings.

19.	A meeting will be scheduled with the principal, nurse, and 
Noah's parents no later than the second week of each new school year 
to renew his 504 Plan.
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