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[IPp] Re:New pumpers and testing


I also had to fight our schools (my daughter is now 14) for everything we 
have.  When she entered junior high they didn't want her to be able to carry 
her glucometer with her but they wanted her to leave it in the clinic.  The 
school is huge since it a combination junior and senior hign school and by 
the time she got to the clinic she would so low she would pass out or miss 
lunch.  The school fought me tooth and nail.  I worked with the ADA who gave 
me the name of a laywer in the Dept. of Ed., Office of Civil Rights. I was 
ready to file a complaint (i.e., ready to sue) before they gave in but 
finally they gave in. 

Bottom line -- stick to your guns.  The school is only doing what feels 
comfortable for them, not what is best for your child.  Only you know that.  
It's hard to make waves.  It's hard to be seen as the problem parent when 
before diabetes we were oh, so cooperative.  But now, we have no choice.  We 
must do what's right for our kids.  Believe me, the school has no clue what's 
best, only you do.  They are operating out of self protection and fear.  
Don't give up.

Cindy (Mom to Alex, 14, pumping since 5/99)    
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