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Re: [IPp] I am ROARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

> OK everybody.........this is the latest, greatest news........and I owe
> it all to you, so we should ALL be roaring right now.  The lawyer called
> me back.......she is a public interest lawyer, so it won't cost me a
> dime, and she is VERY passionate on this issue.  She told me to call the
> school and demand that they set up a meeting for a 504 plan anytime after
> August 14th, so that my lawyer can attend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She will
> not accept anything less than Jessy testing her blood sugars in the
> classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am just sooooo happy right now, I am
> bouncing off the walls.  I can't wait until my husband comes home tonight
> so I can tell him the great news!!!!!!!!!!  A million thank you's once
> again goes out to all of you!!!!!!  You are all so incredibly
> wonderful!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cindy


Way to go, girl.  You should be roaring!!!
Let us know what reply you get back. Now that you've told them your lawyer
will be attending, they may cave in.  We can only hope!

Again, Great going!

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