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[IPp] Re: new pumpers and testing

Welcome to the new pumpers!  Congratulations on good start-ups and best 
wishes for lots of target numbers.  Don't be discouraged if it's not always 
predictable or perfect because no two days are ever the same with 
kids.  Things will happen to change insulin or carb requirements 
temporarily or for a long run (growth spurts, excitement, exercise, stress, 
illness, inactivity, puberty, school, etc.).  The great thing is that you 
can quickly remedy any unexpected highs or lows with a few beeps or a 
couple of glucose tablets.  This summer I've felt like I've been chasing my 
8 year old's sugars most days and every night because she's been away from 
her regular routine of school and daily swim team practices.  But we test 
an average of 11 times in 24 hours (thank you, insurance!) and use humalog 
in her pump, so we fix what we find wrong.  And apparently we haven't done 
such a bad job.  Since going on the pump at age 5, her A1c's have averaged 
6.3%, but after this summer of too much tv and indoor play (it's been 
awfully hot in South Carolina), we've seen many pesky highs! Well, Monday 
her A1c came back 7.6%, higher than we'd prefer, but lots LOWER than I'd 
expected.  Can't wait for school to start on August 7 so we can establish 
our routine again.

BTW, Annie has always tested right where she is, at her desk, lunch table, 
playground, gym, wherever she needs to.  She even holds her hand out of the 
water long enough for me to dry a finger, prick, test, and stop the bleed 
with 10 seconds of pressure right in the middle of swim practice.  And no 
question, if she's low, she's not to walk (or swim) anywhere.  She sits and 
someone else goes for the glucose.  Just the trip from one end of the house 
to the other could use up the last bit of blood sugar she's got. We also 
check before she gets out of bed in the AM.  I've heard too many stories of 
kids who get up, dress, walk to the kitchen, and collapse before they reach 
the fridge--mostly kids on shots, but we developed the habit back in those 
bad old days and I hope she never breaks it.

I suggest you test as often as it takes to make you and your child feel 
secure!  Meters are so much more efficient now, and lancets so much sharper 
and tinier, testing doesn't have to be the ordeal that older diabetics or 
non-d docs and cde's believe it is.  We do avoid using thumbs or first 
fingers, but her other six fingers are holding up fine after four-plus 
years of testing nearly every two hours.

Happy dog days, everyone!

Charlotte, pump-mama to Annie (age 8, dx'd at age 3, pumping since age 5 
w/H-Tron Plus and loving it)
"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!"
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