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Re: [IPp] Finally talked to superintendent

Dear Carol,

OK, I was joking when I wrote back to Sarah about having all of you
POPer's come to South Jersey to help me.......but hey.......wouldn't you
all like to take a vacation in Cape May and take a little detour to
Dennis Twp. School and talk to Mr. McJerkMe himself?  You guys really do
give me strength.  Thank you. 

I do need to vent.  I just want to scream right now (but it would wake up
the baby, and he was so much fun getting to sleep tonight....lol)  I
really am not comfortable with Jessy going to the nurse to test her blood
sugars, and I wasn't really comfortable with her not treating a low
before she went, maybe treating it and then going......do you know what I
mean?  But someone would need to know when she was low, and this school
has a very bad habbit of dropping the ball.  The whole idea of her doing
this herself in the first place was so that the ball couldn't be
dropped.  When Jessy knows she has to rely on herself, she does a great
job, but when she figures someone else is going to "look out" for her,
she slacks.  She is a very responsible little 8 year old (almost
9.....damn, they grow too fast). 

Like I told Sarah, I just need to get some fuel going to this
fire.......some adreniline, the coffee had worn off by the time he
called, and I was tired.  Bad timing.  The more I think about it the
angrier I get.  And listening to you guys just confirms my beliefs.  I
have the hospital standing behind me, dammit!  What the heck am I
thinking?  Give me some fuel guys!!!!!!!


>From: "Carol Mulligan" >Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: >Subject: Re: [IPp] Finally talked to superintendent >Date: Tue, 30
Jul 2002 16:37:36 -0700 > >----- Original Message ----- >From: "Cindy
Lattimer" >To: ; >; >Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 4:13 PM >Subject: [IPp]
Finally talked to superintendent > > > > Dear All, You are all going to
just love this one. The superintendent > > finally called me back today
(what's it been? A week?) Anyway, he feels > > that it is best for Jessy,
her classmates, and her teacher for her to go > > to the nurse to check
her blood sugars until at least December, and then > > we can re-evaluate
her situation......lol. I'm sure you all know exactly > > what that
means. "According to his lawyers" it would be more disruptive > > done in
class then her getting up and just leaving every two hours, there > >
would be a problem if one of the "curious" other students got into her >
> testing case, and my personal favorite, the bodily fluid issue. I, of >
> course had a reply for every one of his "problems", but he just
countered > > every one of them. I am tired. I am tired of fighting with
this man, I > > am tired of the other parents' "feelings" thrown up in my
face (which, by > > the way, he is supposedly going to let the other
parents "i! n on this" > > to get their feelings on this
issue.......hmmmmm.........wonder how he'll > > word this one. I don't
want to give up for Jessy, but I don't want to > > make enemies out of
these people, not only does Jessy have 3 more years > > at this school,
but I have 2 other children who will be going to this > > school, too.
What do I do? Do I let this go? Do I fight? Is it that > > big of a deal?
I thought it was, but now I am second guessing myself > > because I am
tired of fighting with these people. I need your input on > > this one.
You have all ALWAYS helped me before, let me know your ideas > > on
this.Thank you once again,Cindy > > >Cindy, (hug, hug, I know you need
some) > >I know you're tired of fighting this. We all are, but don't give
up or give >in. The law in on JESSY's side! You might think that it is no
big deal to >go to the nurse's office this year because it's so close,
but what about >years to come. Right now you'll be setting a precident
for the years to >come. How do you want things to be in the future? If
you give in now it >will be harder in the following years at school. You
CAN hang tough. You >have the law and all of us POPers behind you and
with you on this!! Don't >give up! Maybe it's time to call in
reinforcements like the media? > >Good luck and hang in there. > >Carol
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