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Re: [IPp] Finally talked to superintendent

Dear Sarah,

Thank you.  I don't want to give up this fight, Mr. McJerkMe (as we like
to call him), is probobly patting himself on the back right, thinking he
just talked me out of the fight.  I talked to one of the mothers tonight
who had a little girl in Jessy's class last year, a very nice woman with
a very even temper, get downright  furious tonight when she heard what
Mr. McJerkMe said.  Her view?  Let her do it dammit, however she didn't
say it that nice.....lol.  I need some fuel to add to my fire to get the
fight back in me.  I guess I just need to be sure that what I am doing IS
the right thing for Jessy.  I started second guessing myself and what is
best for her. 

I really am afraid of the news media.  They can turn things around, screw
things up, and make Jessy look bad, or worse, humiliate Jessy, she is at
that "everything humiliates me" stage.  At this point, I am hoping that
the advocate I wrote to, or one of the Senators actually come out of the
woodwork and step in to help me fight this.  Or better yet.......all of
you pumping parents take a quick trip to Southern New Jersey and help me
rally for Jessy on the school lawn......lol.......talk about humiliating
my daughter.

I am sure that all of you know how hard it is to fight for something you
believe in.  Sometimes you get setbacks that really upset you.  I guess
what I need is some good old fashioned pumping up, so I can put my head
to the grindestone again.

Thanks again, I won't give up the fight just yet.


>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] Finally talked
to superintendent >Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 21:37:56 EDT > >Cindy, > >I
have admired your determination throughout this ordeal....don't lose that
>now. This is only my opinion and other parents on the list may feel
>differently. If it were me, I would go to the nearest news station and I
>would give them the story. Schools are there to teach our children, not
just >in academics but how to grow to be caring and compassionate adults.
What >lesson is this teaching our children? I realize that we as parents
of >diabetic children will have many many hurdles to jump over in a wide
variety >of situations, until a cure is found. And I know that we need to
pick our >battles at least the ones we think we can win, or the ones that
will cause >the least amount of trouble. BUT...what you are asking for is
simple, very >simple and the only one making a problem out of it is the
superintendent. If >it were me, and my child mature enough and
responsible enough to test and >keep the supplies put away until test
times..then I would have my child test >in the classroom. On the first
day of school I would give my child what they >would need to do the tests
and damn what the superintendent says....I mean, >what is he going to
do?? Kick her out of school?? This is foolish and once he >is made to
look like the ignorant moron he really is in the publics >eyes...he'll
reconsider. IF it were me and I was in your shoes, I would get >a
petition signed by as many parents in the community as I possibly could
and >I would submit that to a higher up .....there is someone higher than
him, go >to the board of education in your town, go to your mayor, go to
the NEWS!! >Again, this is my opinion, some may not agree, I tend to be
an over reactor >on many issues when it comes to my children, but I love
them and that is my >right. >I hope it all works out for you by the time
school starts. My fingers are >crossed for you. >Sarah :)
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