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Re: [IPp] Pump Start TODAY!!!

Dear Beverly,

We have been testing about every 2 hours, period.  (Thank God insurance
pays for the test strips, and they are delivered directly to the house
via FedX)  There are times when we do every3 hours, but for the most
part, during the day, every 2 hours.  Night time we do Midnight, 3:00AM,
and 7:00AM, and then we start the every 2 hours when she wakes up.  I
personally don't feel comfortable doing it any other way right now, I may
relax a little after awhile, but while we are still adjusting her basal
rates, I feel better doing it this way.


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Start TODAY!!! >Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 08:00:52 EDT > >In a message dated
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> > > The last week, Jess hasn't > > had a blood sugar over 120, and this
is coming from a kid who's average > > blood sugar used to be 250! Jessy
has a new lease on life, and is so > > > >do you do post prandials? if
Mary was at 120 2-3 hours after eating she would >bottom out at
4-5......thanks.. >Beverly >-*******---******* >Beverly, Mom to Mary,
NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now ten! >http://www.parsonwhitestudios.com/>----------------------------------------------------------
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