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[IPp] Re: Testing in the Classroom

In a message dated 7/29/2002 12:10:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Dear Trena,
>   Just an afterthought after my other response........what makes me so
> angry, is that I'm not asking the teacher to test Jessy's sugars!  No one
> has to touch any blood.  Even when Jessy was diagnosed in January, she
> was the one who tested her own sugars, gave her own shots, and now she
> inserts her own sites......she would NEVER let anyone else do it!  This
> is her way of having control of the situation, I think.  I have always
> said, whatever works......I am always there to supervise shots and site
> insertions, I have always done the filling of the needles and getting the
> pump ready, but she won't even consider letting me help with the rest.  I
> am just a spectator.  I don't even have to watch her test her sugars
> now....I tell her to do it and then she comes back to me and tells me the
> results, she can even write them down for me.  So why in God's name does
> the school have to give me any s*#t to begin with?  NO ONE els! e has to
> even know she is doing it........her beeper goes off on her watch, she
> pulls a little container out of her desk, tests her sugars (which as you
> all know, takes all of 2 seconds) puts everything back in her desk, and
> gets back to work......unless she is high or low, then she requests
> assistance from the teacher to get an escort to the nurse, but that
> really shouldn't happen too frequently.  Somebody, please tell me what
> the big deal is???????  I just can't comprehend it!  Maybe I AM
> stupid.......lol........besides just "looking" like I am.

Cindy I really just don't get it either.  My Ashley was diagnosed when she 
was in Kindergarten.  She has been testing in the classroom ever since.  
There is no way in the world I would let them tell me she could not.  I would 
fight them kicking & screaming.  I think that if they make the child leave 
the classroom to test they are telling the child that there is something 
wrong with them.  Ya know?  They should be allowed to test wherever & 
whenever they need to.  Being a diabetic is part of who they are & they 
should not be made to feel ashamed of it in any way.  Making them leave the 
classroom is like hiding them away.  My opinion.  Besides it is within there 
legal right to test where they need to.  It is not up to the school, or the 
principle or the superintedant.  It is up to you the parent!!!  Good luck!!! 

Kim...........Mom of Ashley 11 yrs old(diabetic for 6 years & pumping 9-24-01)
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