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Re: [IPp] Re: escorted to nurse's office to treat lows

Dear Cindy,

I do want her to treat her lows in the classroom, but since she will be
in the same wing as the nurse this year (if she gets the teacher I want
her to have she will literally be right across the hall )  I figured I
would fight one battle at a time.  I will request that an adult watches
her go into the nurses office for both a low and a high.  I have decided
to keep a very positive attitude about all of this.....I believe that I
am (hopefully) getting enough people involved in this, that the
superintendent will feel like a real jerk if he still denies her this

Thank you so much for bringing up her treating a low in the classroom.  I
may still do that to an extent, but I would feel better if the nurse were
watching her (this year anyway, beings that we are so new to all of this)
until she is regulated.


>From: Kress Family >Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IPp] Re: escorted
to nurse's office to treat lows >Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:58:39 -0500 >
>snip>> >>tests her sugars (which as you >>all know, takes all of 2
seconds) puts everything back in her desk, >>and >>gets back to
work......unless she is high or low, then she requests >>assistance from
the teacher to get an escort to the nurse, but that >>really shouldn't
happen too frequently.<< >>Cindy > > >Hi Cindy, > >Are you sure you want
your daughter to walk to the nurse's office to >treat a low instead of
treating it right away in the classroom? If >it isn't a long walk or
there are no delays in getting there, I >suppose there is no need for
concern. A student at Noah's high >school didn't have a 504 Plan stating
he was allowed to test and >treat lows in the classroom. He was in the
9th grade wing on the >third floor and the nurse's office was in another
wing on the first >floor. While a student was escorting him to the
nurse's office, he >passed out and fell down a flight of stairs. Luckily,
he wasn't >seriously injured. But that should have never happened. Why
should >our children be expected to care for their diabetes differently
>while at school and be put in compromising (and even dangerous)
>situations such as: > >1) risking a severe low because there is a
delayed time in >treatment >2) asked to walk while low putting them at
risk for falling >down/passing out >3) putting an unnecessary burden on a
classmate in charge of >escorting a diabetic student to the nurse's
office >4) taking independent care away from our children (which we are
>trying to instill) >5) making diabetes care more difficult than it has
to be or should >be >6) putting more attention and focus on our diabetic
children by >making them take extra steps in caring for their disease >
>Just some food for thought. Everyone feels differently on the >subject.
I personally feel Noah should be able to care for his >diabetes
independently, and in the same way he does at home and >everywhere else,
while at school with NO interference from any >school personnel. Our 504
Plan covers all the bases in regards to >that. Fortunately, our school
district hasn't given us any problems, >but we were the first family to
ask for a 504 Plan and have his care >covered the way we saw fit. I was
surprised by that. The nurse is >the one who suggested that he have a
"buddy" assigned to walk him to >her office to test and treat lows/highs.
I told her it was >unacceptable (for some of the reasons stated above). I
also >mentioned I was surprised they never had any problems in the past.
>She then told me the story of the 9th grade boy was passed out! Can >you
believe it! Even after that happened, she still felt it was okay >to keep
on doing it the same old way! Unbelievable!! > >Anyway, just another
perspective. I know you are passionate about >outlining a good plan for
your daughter and will do what you feel is >best for her situation. >
>Let us know how it all finally turns out with your school district. >
>Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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