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Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #137

Dear Trena,

  Just an afterthought after my other response........what makes me so
angry, is that I'm not asking the teacher to test Jessy's sugars!  No one
has to touch any blood.  Even when Jessy was diagnosed in January, she
was the one who tested her own sugars, gave her own shots, and now she
inserts her own sites......she would NEVER let anyone else do it!  This
is her way of having control of the situation, I think.  I have always
said, whatever works......I am always there to supervise shots and site
insertions, I have always done the filling of the needles and getting the
pump ready, but she won't even consider letting me help with the rest.  I
am just a spectator.  I don't even have to watch her test her sugars
now....I tell her to do it and then she comes back to me and tells me the
results, she can even write them down for me.  So why in God's name does
the school have to give me any s*#t to begin with?  NO ONE els! e has to
even know she is doing it........her beeper goes off on her watch, she
pulls a little container out of her desk, tests her sugars (which as you
all know, takes all of 2 seconds) puts everything back in her desk, and
gets back to work......unless she is high or low, then she requests
assistance from the teacher to get an escort to the nurse, but that
really shouldn't happen too frequently.  Somebody, please tell me what
the big deal is???????  I just can't comprehend it!  Maybe I AM
stupid.......lol........besides just "looking" like I am.


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pop-digest V1 #137 >Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 21:24:35 EDT > >In a message
dated 7/24/2002 7:03:11 AM Central Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes: > > > > Actually, that is exactly
what they do. The teacher is not allowed to touch > > a > > child that is
bleeding. They are to send them directly to the nurse who > > then > >
puts on gloves before touching the child > >Actually, it is a teacher's
choice. I am the PE teacher for 1st -5th grades >and deal w/nose bleeds,
scraped elbows/knees, broken arms, and anything else >that goes wrong on
a play ground daily. We do not have a school nurse and >when a child is
hurt, the first thing they want is their momma. I couldn't >live w/
myself if I didn't help these kids. Last year, I had a first grader >fall
off the top of a 12 ft slide and his bone went thru his arm. We keep
>bleach in the bathroom lounge that is supposed to kill the aids virus
and I >wash up w/it and pray I don't get anything. I try to keep the
attitude"If it >were my child, I would want the teacher to help take care
of them and not >make them feel any worse by acting like they are gonna
get something if they >do." Trena (mom to Jake 11)
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