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RE: [IPp] Insurance...again!

I hadn't even thought about insurance for the pump. I called our insurance
company, and it is already covered under our renters insurance subject to
our deductible. Renters insurance covers it against things like fire,
vandalism, theft, and what they call "mysterious disappearance."  We could
add a Personal Article Floater to the policy to avoid the deductible, but
the floater would cost $250 a year. I don't believe it's worth it to pay
that much extra a year just to avoid the deductible if something were to
ever happen (fire, vandalism, theft, etc.)

Of course, renters (or homeowners) insurance does not cover things like the
pump dying, malfunctions, etc. That's what the pump warranty is for.

Is there something else I'm missing?? Why are you (anyone out there)
purchasing additional insurance for the pump? What does it cover?
Mom to Tarek, age 10, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
Denver, Colorado

> Subject: Re: [IPp] Insurance...again!
> Hi Marie,
> That would be so great if pump companies sold insurance (sorta
> like you can
> get on your cell phone, in some cases).
> We ended up adding Jeremy's pump to our "personal articles
> policy" (part of
> our homeowners).
> -- Allison
> mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02
> ----Original Message Follows----
> Subject: [IPp] Insurance...again!
> Someone on the list mentioned that they got their pump insurance
> through the
> pump company...which company was it???  We rent, so we don't have
> homeowners
> insurance to put a rider onto.  We could do renters, I suppose..
> Questions:  how many pumpers actually *have* inusrance?
> And:  Where do you have it from (homeowners, renters, pump company,
> hospital,
> etc.)
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